Enhance All Areas of Your Life

No matter how successful we are or how complete we feel in our relationships, we all have areas in our life that can use enhancement.

How about your health? Is your physical and mental energy level the best it can be?

Do you need enhancement in counter-balancing your career with your loved ones?

Have you mastered quality down-time for yourself?

Does your career feel like work or is your career guided by your purpose? 

Can you use spiritual enhancement? Are you doing things that serve your highest Self? Are you fully aware of the consciousness of the soul as it plays in the physical?    

Unlock the magic within and awaken your dormant potential. Bridge the gap between where you are today, and where your highest potential awaits!

Lily Sanders Locksmith to the Heart Author Life Coach Speaker

Author/ Coach/ Speaker

Lily Sanders is a noted author and coach known as the locksmith to the heart. Her life experiences, adversity, successes, and intense compassion for others has gifted her a purpose that guides her as an expert in unlocking the door to one’s heart and awakening their dormant potential.

As a locksmith, she uses her writing, coaching, and podcasting as ways to help others unlock their dormant potential. Lily Sanders is a certified professional life coach, awarded one of the ten TOP coaching experts in New York. Lily Sanders is the author of a riveting and inspiring book, “Truth to Triumph” that launched October 2017.

Today, with her successful Coaching practice, a sought-after Radio guest, Podcaster of “Beyond the Current Situation”, and Influencer, Lily Sanders continues to lead others into experiences filled with smooth life transitions. 

Outside of her past successes as a professional dancer and actress on Ed McMahon’s Star Search and ABC’s One Life to Live, Lily has a powerful story. A story that has been described as a sad country song. However, she eventually triumphed over it all and took her power back. That was around the time she decided to get her certifications, and coach others while writing and launching her first book, “Truth to Triumph”. 

Lily Sanders specializes in helping others unlock the door to their heart, and remove the barriers that have been blocking them from serving their higher self and reaching their highest potential. Her approach gives people the tools needed to go beyond all of the minutiae of life situations and thrive no matter what. Lily has an innate ability to coach the already successful person, bringing them to a level of awareness that can only be explained as pure presence.

As a locksmith to the heart, the essence of her work taps into the core essentials needed to unlock the love and success we were all destined to experience. Lily Sanders says, “Every experience we have teaches us. And each thing we learn from an experience brings us one step closer to love, which is the very reason we exist.” Lily recently launched her new and insightful Podcast “Beyond the Current Situation” in order to broaden her reach in helping others go beyond any life situation without losing themselves. 

Lily Sanders personal vision is to produce entertainment that promotes loving social change around the globe.

“Your career is not your purpose, rather your career is guided by your purpose.” ~Lily Sanders    

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Discover how to unlock the magic within and awaken your dormant potential.

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