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Holistic Healing

Attain systemic healing for your heart, brain, and being.

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Spiritual Coaching will give you powerful tools needed to tap into the essence of who you truly are and navigate life with benevolence and higher wisdom. Work with me to attain a greater peace, live in love, and expand Self in a multidimensional existence. Spiritual coaching will help you manifest harmonious and purpose-driven outcomes in your life.  


Find your balance, & health the natural way.

Lily Sanders is a holistic healer and shinpiden reiki master and life coach

Qi Technology

We are honored to partner with Gematria so we can offer you the best options for systemic health support. We are excited to introduce you to these ultra-quality dietary supplements with Qi Technology!

Qi Technology was developed by the accredited Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. It is an electromagnetic resonance technology that enhances the bioavailability of nutritional molecules to their most natural form.

For Your Health

The Qi Technology developed by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, is an electromagnetic resonance technology that enhances the bioavailability of nutritional molecules to their most natural form. The body recognizes, accepts, and assimilates the molecule more readily for greater impact on the body. It’s like a perfect fitting key in a lock. 

How It Works



The technology platform created by Dr. Todd uses lasers in a novel way. It was tested for its effects at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.  This work showed the ability to take a flask of tumor cells and transform their appearance and behavior to those of normal cells, a potential major breakthrough in oncology.  Additional research at the University of Southern California confirmed that this specially configured laser system could fully neutralize a virus in human cells in culture without a harmful effect upon the cells.

The unique waveform produced by the laser technology produces impulses at extremely rapid rates, as fast as a sub-femtosecond.  While a nanosecond is a billionth of a second, a femtosecond is a millionth of a nanosecond.  As molecules vibrate and rotate as quickly as 10 femtoseconds, this technology can produce rates as fast as molecules move and thereby intentionally entrain further specific motion.

The unique wave pattern allows deeper penetration through tissue than ordinary laser and has powerful interactions with molecules through the matching of molecular vibrations, also known as the principle of resonance.  By modulating the laser platform at frequencies that match the vibrational modes of molecules, this can modify the shape, structure, and function of molecules in ways that have thus far been unprecedented.



Novel Application

A practical application of the technology that enhances the structure and function of nutritional compounds was developed.  These actions have been confirmed by X-ray crystallography showing beneficial structural changes and in vitro (test tube) studies showing enhanced biological action.  A dozen formal placebo controlled double blind clinical studies have been conducted, all showing significant benefits using of the formulas treated with this technology.

Under the umbrella of Gematria Products, these formulas have been shown to support the healthy structure and function of the cardiovascular, immune, musculoskeletal, neurologic, and gastrointestinal systems. The formulas have a particular focus on anti-aging which effects have been well supported by clinical studies.



The Qi Laser

The latest description of this invention is the Qi laser technology platform.  In this sense, Qi stands for Quantum Information that enhances the biological action of molecules in the body; Qi is also the term for life force energy in Eastern systems of medicine.

An exemplary protocol is a formula designed to rebuild muscle proteins in the body.  This formula is composed of amino acids, the building blocks of all the proteins in the body.  In a placebo-controlled double blind study, persons with chronic heart failure received either the active formula or placebo.  The study participants were already chronically treated with standard medical therapy so clinical improvements were a function of use of the formula.  In vitro studies showed that laser treatment of the amino acids had a marked anti-inflammatory effect compared to the amino acids not being treated.

After 30 days the placebo group showed no improvement to a worsening of their condition.  In contrast the treated group had an average 25% improvement in cardiac function.  Cardiac symptoms were typically reduced 70-80% in the treated group compared to their pre-treatment baseline.  The effects were so significant that while the placebo group did not change their overall status, approximately 60% of the treated group improved to normal or nearly normal heart function.  This article was published in September 2011 in the Russian medical journal Clinical Gerontology.  The Russian FDA review of the study was so favorable that this protocol has been approved as a treatment and cure for heart failure.

Other clinical studies with Qi-enhanced nutritional formulas have shown:

  • The relief of symptoms of ischemic heart disease in persons with severe coronary artery narrowing.  This formula also increased maximum exercise capacity a remarkable 60% compared to placebo.
  • Normalization of moderate hypertension in 3-4 weeks.
  • Marked reduction of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Lowering of blood lipid levels.
  • Relief of joint pain and clearance of X-ray evidence of joint inflammation in one month.
  • Reversal of a wide range of autoimmune conditions including systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Significant increase in systemic anti-oxidant status.
  • Clearance of a wide range of toxic heavy metals from the body.
  • Enhanced metabolism with relative ease of weight loss.


The Proof

Proof of the power of this platform has been achieved at the level of fundamental physical and pharmaceutical chemistry.  Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and his inventor colleague Scott Strachan have just received a granted patent for creating a physical state of matter that had been previously impossible.

This discovery relates to the aspirin molecule which after 100 years of research had only been produced and in a single solid state form that was stable at room temperature. In collaboration, they developed a protocol using the Qi laser that stabilized the glass state of aspirin which normally would revert to the typical crystal form of aspirin above a temperature of -30 degrees Centigrade. 

The very high free energy state that has been created for this compound is expected to impart very high solubility, with a rapid absorption and onset of action compared to ordinary aspirin.  Thus a small dose under the tongue could potentially relieve a headache in a few minutes without side effects.

The proof of the ability to create novel high energy therapeutic compound forms has been further validated by the recent grant of a US patent in this arena.  This grant gives approval to an additional 21 new compound forms of combinations.  Even at the level of advanced pharmaceutical chemistry, the Qi laser technology platform has been shown to be able to produce stable high energy states with anticipated significant therapeutic advantages.

Dr. Ovokaitys’s Qi laser technology platform also has the potential to stimulate the cellular regeneration pathways by direct application to the body.  The range of modalities also includes the state of the art of stem cell therapies, particularly amplified umbilical cord blood stem cells as well as autologous stem cells derived from the person being treated that are then concentrated and delivered back to the person from whom they were derived.  Stem cell and regeneration modalities can be further boosted with sophisticated live cell extracts that support specific tissue systems.  Thus for a given person and issue, an individualized program can be tailored that offers the best available modalities and techniques.

“I have personally been using Complete Aminos, Muscle Gems, SPM Mix and MSM. I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in my strength, my joints feel better during ballistic movements, I have more energy during workouts, and I’ve gained 10lbs of lean muscle.”

– Justin Orr

“While studying for the State Real Estate Exam, I found it difficult to retain what I had read. Deep focusing to understand the material made me sleepy. Two weeks prior to my exam, I stepped up my studying, taking every opportunity to study. The exam required knowledge of vast amounts of information that I was previously unaware of. I also began taking GemAminos+. Immediately, I noticed profound alertness. It felt like my brain had opened up to absorb and retain more information. Not only did I remember the material, but I also started understanding what I was reading, and began making connections with the concepts and core ideas of the material. Also, I didn’t fall asleep anymore. I actually became interested in what I was reading. I passed my exam and I attribute a large part of my success to GemAminos+. I am still taking this product and I notice my memory is improving. This is a great product for everyone who wants to have optimal brain function and retain new things easily. I am telling my friend about GemAminos+. Thank you, Dr. Todd, for creating such an important supplement!”

– Brenda Clark

“I used to weigh over 200lbs. My memory and energy were slipping into low gear. I started taking L’Ornithine. I noticed immediately that my energy went up and I began losing weight. I weigh 150lbs now and am 5’5 1/2″ high. I got GemAminos, and my memory improved. The Super Power Mix helps regulate my blood sugar (I am diabetic) and keeps my hunger down. I’ve used Liver Cleanse… recently my doctor told me that my liver is in excellent condition! Any product I’ve used from Gematria has exceeded my expectations! I recommend it to my friends, co-workers family and even strangers. These products are SO superior to other supplements! You should try them!.”

– Jean

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