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No matter how successful we are or how complete we feel in our relationships, we all have areas in our life that can use enhancement.

How about your health? Is your physical and mental energy level the best it can be?

Do you need enhancement in counter-balancing your career with your loved ones?

Have you mastered quality down-time for yourself?

Does your career feel like work or is your career guided by your purpose? 

Can you use spiritual enhancement? Are you doing things that serve your highest Self? Are you fully aware of the consciousness of the soul as it plays in the physical?    

Unlock the magic within and awaken your dormant potential. Bridge the gap between where you are today, and where your highest potential awaits!

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Expert Programs

Lily Sanders offers expert programs for Divorce Recovery, with added specialties in Domestic Violence, Co-Parenting, and Relationship Health. She provides individual and couples programming, group coaching, and interactive workshops. Divorce recovery envelopes everything from personal to professional life so you can thrive.

The Effects on Companies

We found that the aftermath of divorce affects the corporate space, immensely. Lily Sanders introduces Divorce Recovery Programs to the corporate world and is also a proactive approach. It helps companies continue to thrive during their employees toughest times so they be grounded and stay productive. The intent of the program is to keep employees, managers, and VP’s from slacking in the workplace because the stress from divorce can be highly debilitating.

Divorce Recovery for Corporate

Divorce Recovery Programming in the workplace has profound effects in companies because it addresses the problems and brings solutions. The positive results from corporate programming impacts leadership and in turn develops and supports a family culture.

Corporate programming is designed to bring awareness of the chaos, and focus back to the one thing. This chaos includes a leaders personal life because it is hard to ignore during tough times. The emotional trauma and madness in divorce and domestic violence challenges most in letting their troubles go and it can affect their performance. Overcoming this with strategic divorce recovery programming can drive long-term growth and raise great leadership and moral in companies.

Workplace Education Platforms

Corporate programs are also available with added workplace education platforms such as seminars, speaking events, and on-site workshops. Workshops, group, and private sessions are invaluable ways to achieve career enhancement and overall success.

Lily Sanders is an award winning Author and Domestic Violence Expert

What Sets Her Apart

Lily Sanders has a unique process that will help you unplug from the old program and immerse into the things that truly ignite you. Take this opportunity and be who you are, love who you are, and live who you are, both professionally and personally. Her approach will help you unplug, and regenerate in body, mind, and being, so you can manifest your best life. There is a flow and ebb to her process that requires you to set the “right” domino in motion.

Get the Tools

You will get the tools needed to grasp and maintain focus regardless of the chaos in your industry, and personal life situations. These powerful tools will become your resource and bring you unprecedented results every time. The time is now and nothing is random. Reading this page is exactly where you are supposed to be so you can grow.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the gap between where you are today, and where the purpose in your life awaits. Unplug from the old program and ignite your true passion. Go beyond and expand your life completely. Partner with us and see your reason become your reality!

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One bit of advice from Lily Sanders- a domestic violence expert who is following the murder case- “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

Lily Sanders receives national recognition through the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD®!

Life and Business Coaching in NYC for Career Enhancement

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