The great tragedy of life ‘appears’ to be death.  It is not.  There isn’t anyone I know, including myself, that hasn’t experienced a life threatening illness either themselves, within their family or friends, or within their workplace and social circles.  Illness and pain is a part of life.Life happens.  And sometimes it will throw the pieces in your life way off course.  Transition is an inevitable necessity for growth.  And yes, illness is a life transition.  It’s not your bad luck in life.  It’s not your life punishment.  It’s your opportunity for a deeper growth that stretches well beyond your thoughts and imagination.  It is where the some find their life purpose.

Have you, or someone you know been diagnosed with a life threatening dis-ease or illness?  And has it left you feeling fearfully bewildered?  Because of my pastexperience in life as a battered wife, I was so broken down physically and emotionally that one day I asked God for a disease, because I ‘thought’ that would be my only way out of the life I was experiencing.  That’s crazy!  But guess what?  That was a miraculous AHA moment for me.  When somethings dies within, the mind and its thought forms are so powerful that eventually the physical death follows.  Read the following sentence a few times until it sinks in:

THE GREATEST TRAGEDY OF LIFE IS NOT DEATH…BUT WHAT DIES INSIDE US WHILE WE LIVE.                                                                        ~Norman Cousins

I always write in my blog about being in the present moment.  I am here to suggest to you today, to accept, then act.  Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.  Always work with it, not against it.  Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy.  This will miraculously transform your whole life.  Here is a suggested prayer, incantation, meditation…whatever you choose to call it:

I am beautifully robust, inside and out.

My body is beautifully constructed, inside and out.  

I have confidence in God who lives in me.

Although illness comes in life, it is a part of life.

I recognize that there are possibilities of joy in every experience. 

Life is infinitely precious, fragile, yet infinitely strong in various circumstances in life.  Remember, the greatest tragedy of life is not death, but what dies inside us when while we live!  So Be present.  Be here now.  The need to be fully alive is your natural indicator to seek it and claim it.  It is within your reach!

I would like to partner with you as Life Coach, and assist you in finding the tools that are already within you to design a life you love. A life of presence. A life of purpose.  Sign up today for a Free Life Coaching session.  See it, plan it, live it!

Live in love,