Enhance All Areas of Your Life

No matter how successful we are or how complete we feel in our relationships, we all have areas in our life that can use enhancement.

How about your health? Is your physical and mental energy level the best it can be?

Do you need enhancement in counter-balancing your career with your loved ones?

Have you mastered quality down-time for yourself?

Does your career feel like work or is your career guided by your purpose? 

Can you use spiritual enhancement? Are you doing things that serve your highest Self? Are you fully aware of the consciousness of the soul as it plays in the physical?    

Unlock the magic within and awaken your dormant potential. Bridge the gap between where you are today, and where your highest potential awaits!

Generational Blessings

Lily Sanders talks about how to break the mold for generational blessings

Children are natural sensory magnets. They feel, pick up, and soak in all of the emotions that are in your energy field. The goal as a parent is always to return home…to that place of Self-love. Self-honor and self-respect are part of the vital love we are to give our children.  We give this to them through experience.  It is not a family code or handbook we give out when they learn to read.  Rather it’s a way we feel, how we behave, speak, act and react to each experience together.  It is a parent’s responsibility to show children love, honor, and respect in all that we do so that they can experience it for themselves.  If we can do this, one by one, we can change lives.  We need to start promoting values as human beings which can be universal regardless of life situations, race, religion, or belief systems.  This is how we can manifest generational blessings.  We are human beings whose purpose is always to love.  This is why we are here. This page will give insight on how to break the mold for generational blessings. If you are a parent, a  single parent, a divorced parent, or a caregiver  I strongly urge you to pick up a copy of “Truth To Triumph” and read it. Use it as a guide in helping you understand the impact we have on our children and how to break the mold for generational blessings.

Lily Sanders

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