Enhance All Areas of Your Life

No matter how successful we are or how complete we feel in our relationships, we all have areas in our life that can use enhancement.

How about your health? Is your physical and mental energy level the best it can be?

Do you need enhancement in counter-balancing your career with your loved ones?

Have you mastered quality down-time for yourself?

Does your career feel like work or is your career guided by your purpose? 

Can you use spiritual enhancement? Are you doing things that serve your highest Self? Are you fully aware of the consciousness of the soul as it plays in the physical?    

Unlock the magic within and awaken your dormant potential. Bridge the gap between where you are today, and where your highest potential awaits!

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Welcome! Listen to our raw, and organic conversations with celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs from around the globe. We tell powerful stories and bring insightful messages so you can thrive, no matter what the current situation is.

How Pineal Glands Expands the Human Consciousness

Lily talks about a fascinating topic with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. This is their third episode together which was part of a 3-part series. Learn how the pineal glands expands the human consciousness.  

They discuss  the relevance of the pineal gland and how its a way of having a “whole body tune-up” to permit higher energetic flow and balance. It is the highest vibration of the energy centers.Dr Todd brings us a pineal tome experiences by walking us through the first three levels of the 24. You do not want to miss this! Tune in.

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Learn How We Can Double the Current Human Life Span


“LEARN HOW WE CAN DOUBLE THE CURRENT HUMAN LIFE SPAN”. This is the second episode of a three-part series with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Join this fascinating conversation I have with Dr. Todd about AGE REVERSAL. There is a big difference between slowing the aging process and reversing it! You do not want to miss this episode. As a thank you for being an amazing audience, and with Dr. Todd’s generously, we are providing you with a GIFT. Please click on this link provided below to claim your free gift. We trust you will enjoy an experience with Pineal Tones, which we discuss within this episode and will prepare you somewhat, for our third episode together that will be a Pineal Tone Experience, here on Beyond the Current Situation. Claim Your FREE Gift Here!      Be encouraged to subscribe here https://anchor.fm/lilysanders to join us for our third episode “The Pineal Tones Experience”.

Unlock the Enigmatic Pathways Behind Brain Health

Join us as we “Unlock the Enigmatic Pathways Behind Brain Health”. Your host Lily Sanders talks with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys in an insightful conversation on stem cells, quantum research, and all of the detailed the work he and his team perform to support brain health, and age reversal.

This is a powerful download filled with information on healing, life longevity, and the amazing human potential. You will learn that the human life span potential is so much more than you think.

Dr Todd discusses their advanced DNA testing method of awakening these new born cells with the genetic clock that is literally set at a new born level. Their method has turned back the biologic clock more than any other method in history! This is the first of a 3 part series that Lily Sanders we be presenting on BEYOND THE CURRENT SITUATION.

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The Legacy She Left Behind

A Narration by Lily Sanders

Domestic Violence expert Lily Sanders narrates excerpts from her book TruthTo Triumphery Lily Sanders narrates excerpts from her book

Lily Sanders personally tells us a few short stories about the legacy she left behind. She gives glimpses of her first impressions as a child growing up in a domestically violent home. Hear about her family legacy and all it encompassed. When attempting to seek help, people turned the other way. Imagine what years of interrogation, fear, and beatings can do with this kind of experience. Lily eloquently narrates her true stories without judgment as she speaks the truth in love. These are four short excerpts from the awarded book, “Truth To Triumph” by Lily Sanders. These stories were narrated by author Lily Sanders to help you or someone that you know walk away from violence and abuse and claim love, peace, and harmony in life. To get an autographed book of Truth To Triumph visit: lilysanders.live Or go anywhere on-line where books are sold: Amazon 

Get The Three Keys To Knowing You Again

Episode #3~ Exercise Assumption

Lily Sanders is a holistic healer and shinpiden reiki master and life coach

This is the 3rd episode of “The 3 Keys to Knowing You Again”. Lily Sanders unlocks the third key which is the essential ingredient in manifestation. She tells you straight up why you have not become what you want and how you can start becoming it now. To help you exercise your innate ability to assume the desire you wish fulfilled, Lily invites you to her next episode which will be an “I AM” MEDITATION podcast. 

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Get The 3 Keys To Knowing You Again

Episode #1~ Know the I Am

Lily Sanders is a holistic healer and shinpiden reiki master and life coach

This is the first episode of three, that will help you get the 3 keys to knowing you again. Lily Sanders unlocks the first key to knowing “YOU”. She tells us what that first key is and why it is important for the remembrance of who you are. “The essence of Self is not singular”, she says. Lily eloquently offers you a way to view your connection to Oneness. She gives you an understanding of how profound you really are and the ability you truly have for greatness in your life.

Before you can begin to remember who you are, you must understand where you came from. This is the first key. From that point you can begin to expand Self as it was intended. Lily expresses this so simply and beautifully. She invites you to open your mind and heart to the spirit, which is the essence of you. Here’s to your expansion!

Get The 3 Keys To Knowing You Again

Episode #2~ Become Who You Are

Lily Sanders is a holistic healer and shinpiden reiki master and life coach

This is the second episode of three, in the series “The 3 Keys to Knowing YOU again”. Lily Sanders gives us the 2nd key to unlocking the knowing of who you are. “You cannot be what you do not know your Self to be”, Lily says. She goes on to simply explain the innate ability you have to become, create, and choose who you are because of your intrinsic connection with the One Divine Mind…God. Here’s to your expansion!

Start With A Clean Brain For Optimal Health

Start with a clean brain for optimal health says dr stephanie rimka who joins Lily Sanders in her podcast called beyond the current situation

Start with a clean brain for optimal health. Dr. Stephanie Rimka says it begins there. Listen to a powerful conversation with Dr. Stephanie Rimka who is a brain optimization specialist. Find out why a proper human diet is so important for the health of your brain. You will learn how your food may prevent you from neuro-degeneration when you get older. Stephanie unlocks the myths of what really gives you a healthy brain and heart. You will be shocked to hear what she has to say!

Make Wholesome Eating your Micro-Decisions

Make Wholesome Eating your Micro Decisions

One of the many take-aways is that you can make wholesome eating your micro-decisions that will build up over time to optimize your health. These Chefs had career paths that literally changed overnight due to Covid-19. As a result, they are on a positive, healthy, and heart driven journey. Serial entrepreneur Ashley John Heather teams up with the Honest Chefs to launch a food company and concept that will amaze. 

“Food carries vibes” Chef Nick says. He believes the most important and foremost ingredient in food is love.  “There’s no other option except to keep moving” says Chef Jon. Chef Jon tells you to adapt so you can succeed. “Take your self-care budget and put it into wholesome food” says Ashley Heather. He gives great advice so you have good reason to eat healthy.

Gain insight on eating healthy food that tastes great. Tune in and share it with a friend.

Take A Summit Meditation for Manifesting

Summit Meditation for Manifesting with Lily Sanders

Take a summit meditation for manifesting. This is a short guided meditation designed to help you envision your greatest life. And in turn, you have the potential to unlock your dormant potential. Some people are challenged with meditation for long lengths of time, so this is why I created this. This meditation is for those who either are not ready to commit to long lengths of time, or perhaps do not have the time, however, do want to make shorter amounts of time at the start and end of your day to get grounded, and are ready to expand your life and open your heart to the tremendous creations in life that await you.

Give yourself a few minutes a day. Take a summit meditation for manifesting! I suggest that you use ear buds so that you can absorb the vibration and frequencies in the music for immersion and expansion.

Lily Sanders

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