Enhance All Areas of Your Life

No matter how successful we are or how complete we feel in our relationships, we all have areas in our life that can use enhancement.

How about your health? Is your physical and mental energy level the best it can be?

Do you need enhancement in counter-balancing your career with your loved ones?

Have you mastered quality down-time for yourself?

Does your career feel like work or is your career guided by your purpose? 

Can you use spiritual enhancement? Are you doing things that serve your highest Self? Are you fully aware of the consciousness of the soul as it plays in the physical?    

Unlock the magic within and awaken your dormant potential. Bridge the gap between where you are today, and where your highest potential awaits!

Learn how to unlock the ability to reverse your age so you can live an optimal life. Dr. Todd gives you three doable steps so you can start the process. Discover the reality of why you age and what you can so that you can start reversing it now.

He talks about the emotional, physical, and cognitive connection because it significantly determines your aging process. Listen to his insight on emotional youth, and why it is important to have it so you can stay well.

Also, you can understand stress and learn why it needs to be digested so you do not get sick. Stress affects your physical and cognitive outcomes so its key to understand how to navigate it.

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Dr. Todd Ovokaitys was first in his class in High School and at Northwestern University and was accepted after 2 years of college to the premiere program at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He then did further training at Georgetown in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine.

He has become a leader in laser biophysics research and has developed a stem cell protocol that has reversed biological age at the DNA level more than any other method in medical history.  Dr Todd was granted multiple patents in stem cells, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and even agriculture.  

To add, he also composes chorale and instrumental symphonic pieces. The combination of the biomedical and esoteric reflect Dr Todd’s passion for the full exploration and expansion of the human potential.

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Biological decoding: ⁠www.mindbodylogic.com⁠

Pineal tones and qualifying for the Aloha Choir on Maui 12-12-24 the site is: ⁠www.pinealtones.com⁠

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