Enhance All Areas of Your Life

No matter how successful we are or how complete we feel in our relationships, we all have areas in our life that can use enhancement.

How about your health? Is your physical and mental energy level the best it can be?

Do you need enhancement in counter-balancing your career with your loved ones?

Have you mastered quality down-time for yourself?

Does your career feel like work or is your career guided by your purpose? 

Can you use spiritual enhancement? Are you doing things that serve your highest Self? Are you fully aware of the consciousness of the soul as it plays in the physical?    

Unlock the magic within and awaken your dormant potential. Bridge the gap between where you are today, and where your highest potential awaits!



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I created this platform to help you get beyond your current situation, no matter is going on. Listen to raw, and organic conversations with survivors of massive adversity, celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the globe.

You will hear powerful stories, gain insight, and receive thoughtful messages so you can heal, feel good about yourself, and succeed in life, no matter what your life situation.

How to Unlock the Ability to Reverse Your Age

Learn how to unlock the ability to reverse your age so you can live an optimal life. Dr. Todd gives you three doable steps so you can start the process. Discover the reality of why you age and what you can so that you can start reversing it now.

He talks about the emotional, physical, and cognitive connection because it significantly determines your aging process. Listen to his insight on emotional youth, and why it is important to have it so you can stay well.

Also, you can understand stress and learn why it needs to be digested so you do not get sick. Stress affects your physical and cognitive outcomes so its key to understand how to navigate it.

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Dr. Todd Ovokaitys was first in his class in High School and at Northwestern University and was accepted after 2 years of college to the premiere program at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He then did further training at Georgetown in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine.

He has become a leader in laser biophysics research and has developed a stem cell protocol that has reversed biological age at the DNA level more than any other method in medical history.  Dr Todd was granted multiple patents in stem cells, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and even agriculture.  

To add, he also composes chorale and instrumental symphonic pieces. The combination of the biomedical and esoteric reflect Dr Todd’s passion for the full exploration and expansion of the human potential.

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Biological decoding: ⁠www.mindbodylogic.com⁠

Pineal tones and qualifying for the Aloha Choir on Maui 12-12-24 the site is: ⁠www.pinealtones.com⁠

Why There is War and How To Navigate It

The war in Israel is upon us and people are in mourning. Our intention is to support those who mourn and understand why there is war how to navigate it.

This is an organic conversation that underscores the importance of connection to Creation. Moreover, how to live a life through the lens of love and the Creator.

He talks about the responsibility you have to self, so that you can grow. With that, responsibility has limitations that you need to be aware of in order to cope and navigate a life situation.

This episode gives profound insight on how to go beyond your life situation. There is a crystal clear message at the end that wraps a bow around the distinctions throughout this talk.

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Rabbi Yossi bio:

Yosef Serebryanski is known simply as “Rabbi Yossi.” Underlying his gentle and easy personality is a complexity of understanding and analysis of Torah and creation. Altogether he brings joy, warmth and clarity to those who immerse themselves in his teachings. He is a true friend and confidant that helps thousands who turn to him weekly, so they can have his guidance and wisdom.

Rabbi Yossi was born Born in Melbourne Australia, and reaps the benefits of being raised in a selfless family that was dedicated to living and spreading the riches and values of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. In addition, his education was enhanced by the many esoteric teachings that are inherent in the Chassidic understanding of the Creator’s universe so he can bring amazing insight to others today.

Blindsided by Adult Suicide; How to Heal and Understand

Lily Sanders dives deep with author and suicide prevention advocate, Anne Marie Romer and her sister Kathleen Crippen on adult suicide and how to heal and understand it. Although blindsided from their sibling’s suicide, it is grace that gave them peace so they can heal.

Altogether, they are the epitome of resilience, and love. Listen to the story of how two of their adult brothers committed suicide and how they differed. Blindsided by the loss of their second brother, tragedy kept showing up anyway. And so, Kathleen earnestly requests out loud, “Just Give me The Road”. With that, her words became the title of Anne Marie Romer’s powerful book which is a love letter to her sister.

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Anne Marie Romer is a writer and author of the book “Just Give Me the Road”. She is a Columnist for the Dayton Daily News and a community activist so she can help prevent suicide. Her essays are found on her blog, ⁠Annemarieromer.com⁠ and she writes about the joys and sorrows so we feel connected. Anne is a retired nurse and mother of 4. Perhaps most important, she is the grandmother of 9 and counting. Anne Marie lives in Centerville, Ohio with her husband, Mark.

Kathleen Crippen is a retired elementary school teacher. During her long and successful career, she worked to unlock each student’s potential so they had learning success. Since her son Conor, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury , Kathleen has become a staunch advocate for alternative therapies so people can maximize the brain’s capacity to heal.

Kathleen is mother of 3 and has 2 grandchildren. She’s been married to her husband, Phil for 35 years. They live in Centerville, Ohio.

Just Give Me the Road:


Suicide Prevention Resources:


Out Of Darkness (Local Walks):


The Critical Parenting Skill Every Parent Needs To Know

Lily talks with expert program leader, and CSA educator and activist Patricia Cordona so you can learn the critical parenting skills every parent needs to know. By educating your child on safety, you will change the course of your child’s well-being for life. This is a powerful download and a must for anyone who is a parent, knows a parent, or wants to become a parent.

As a mother, you practice teaching your child everything from crossing the street safely to driving safely. To that end, many parents don’t know how to effectively teach them prevention so they don’t fall victim of sex abuse. This episode is mind blowing because it tells how vulnerable your children are to predators.

Altogether, inside and outside the home there can be risk with people you know. Friends, family members, relatives.

Our intention is not to scare you, rather bring you real insight and powerful tools so they can be safe. With that, it begins with you. We believe that the mother is innately the most invested in their child’s welfare, safety, and happiness. After all, you are the lighthouse that can save your child’s life.

Patricia and I encourage you to start today by clicking above to listen to this episode. It is your decision as a parent to step up and parent. It is up to you as a friend of a parent, a teacher, a bystander, a neighbor, to step up and decide to take the responsibility as a compassionate and empathetic human that can support in a child’s safety, security, and wellbeing. The time is now.

Patricia pleads parents to step into that discomfort and practice these steps every day so that you never have to face the trauma of your child experiencing sexual abuse, and so that you never have to live with the guilt and shame and disappointment of failing your children.

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Connect with Patricia!

IG @The_Patricia_Cardona

Site: thepatriciacardona.com

Why You Should Stop Living By Accident

Beyond the Current Situation Podcast with Lily Sanders Author Coach Speaker Podcaster

Lily has an organic conversation with leadership coach and motivational speaker, Jay Chase. This episode can help you if you ever wonder why things don’t work out well in your life. Jay was an ex-felon and alcoholic that tells us why you should stop living by accident.

In this thorough discussion, Jay unveils how accidental growth and doing things his way brought him adversity. Eventually, even when earning good money, he wound up becoming an alcoholic and a felon. And one day, he turned it all around.

You will learn how important it is to stop living by accident so you can live with intention instead. Jay tells us how being impeccable with his words is one of the four principles he learned so he could become a ‘good person.’

Lily and Jay talk frankly about how living life with intention is what will get you what you want, and to where you need to be.

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Jay Chase’s site: ⁠https://thejaychase.com⁠

Jay’s APP: ⁠https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dont-touch-my-mindset/id6452756610⁠

What You Need To Know About Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking

Beyond the Current Situation Podcast with Lily Sanders Author Coach Speaker Podcaster
Podcast icon. Vector illustration.

Gloria Masters survived child sex abuse and child sex trafficking. Although a long road to recovery, today she speaks out and tells you what you need to know about CSA so you can be aware of the prevalence. She says it is happening right under your nose!

This is a painful conversation so I am sending out a trigger warning so you can prepare. You will hear how she survived, and what she is doing now to save other children from the illicit sex trafficking abuse and child exploitation.

Her experiences epitomizes some of the darkest forms of dehumanization by the hands of her own father, brother, and grandmother. Here, she told her story. Only by a miracle she escaped and leaves behind 16 years of unfathomable abuse. But it was a long journey before she could see light.

Today, Gloria Masters created a global hand signal for under 16’s, in order to resource and protect children from abuse. She is the founder of Handing the Shame Back foundation, a charity dedicated to adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Gloria is also the author of “On Angels Wings”, and “Flightpath to Healing” which can be found on Amazon.

Gloria says that if she had a hand signal to use, she could have been saved. So it is her mission, and all of ours to spread this hand signal around the globe so that you can help save a child. She says, “If not you, than who?”

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How Walking Beyond Struggles Can Magnify Your Purpose

BTCS with Lily Sanders and her guest John Michael Lander shocks us with his chilling story of how he was groomed and used for sexual pleasures and the abuse he endured with his father and how his mother let him down

This is part 4, and final episode of this Series on “The Power of a Family unit, Unfailing love, and Positivity.” The talk opens up with TBI survivor Conor Crippen and his Ted Talk mentor John-Michael Lander on finding purpose through adversity and magnifying it. You will learn how to walk beyond your struggles so you can leverage your purpose.

Sometimes, when your path is intense it is hard to see your reason to live. However, it does invite you to view life through a greater lens. To sum, that lens is available to show you love. Although it sounds crazy, one way to find light in your life is through the darkness.

Altogether, this is a powerful conversation that unfolds with insight so you can expand. Within this story, we provide the concept of love to help you connect to a greater power. In order to boost you to your purpose, you can look through a deeper lens. After all, love the impetus to your existence.

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To contact Conor Crippen: ⁠https://www.instagram.com/crippenconor/⁠

To contact John-Michael Lander: ⁠https://johnmichaellander.com/⁠

How Siblings Learn to Recreate their Relationships Post-Trauma

Beyond the Current Situation with Honest Chefs from Honest Plate

This is the 3rd part of Lily’s 4-part series on Family Unit and the Effects from Trauma. Lily Sanders has an unfiltered conversation with Bridget and Jack Crippen, who are Conor Crippen’s siblings. Hear why they had to learn how to recreate their relationships post-trauma.

They have gone through their own trauma watching their brother lying in a coma for 3 weeks, and then waking to a situation they could never have imagined would ever happen. Only, it did happen, and it did become their current situation. Then miraculously Conor wakes, and has a new challenge which is to relearn how to utilize all functions of living. His siblings tell us what this was like, and their different perspectives then and now. This is a beautiful story of family unity, love of siblings, pain, and peace.

Conor says, “The beauty of my experience was the beauty of the simple.” Bridget speaks of his brother Conor as the lighthouse for them all during their time of adversity and even now. And Jack lovingly admits that it’s not easy to get over what he and Conor have been through. But the memories he has of Conor that he enjoys the most are of the recent. Because they developed the new relationship and moved past the hardship.

All perfect examples of how we can all go Beyond The Current Situation!

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How The Loving Unity of Parents Can Heal A Child

Beyond the Current Situation with Honest Chefs from Honest Plate

This is part 2 of a four part series about how the loving unity of parents helped in the healing process of their son. Hear how their team approach, perseverance, and positivity helped their child overcome traumatic brain injury.

Lily Sanders has an organic conversation with Phil and Kathleen Crippen who undeniably expressed openness and honesty and tells us how they pulled things together for the love of their son, Conor. This is a powerful and raw episode that will surely impact any parents with children. We never know when adversity may touch our lives, and this conversation with Kathleen and Phil can open your eyes to what it takes to go beyond the worst situation and come up on the other side of it all gracefully, and with love. Their story depicts what true parenting is, and what a true marriage is.

There are many messages in this power-packed episode so be sure to watch til the end! Don’t miss it! Be sure to tune in to the previous episode with their son, Conor Crippen who survived traumatic brain injury and had to re-learn every function for living.

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How Traumatic Brain Injury Empowered Him

Lily Sanders speaks with traumatic brain trauma survivor Conor Crippen on what the catalyst to his miraculous healing was.

This is the first of a 4-part series about the power of a family unit, unfailing love, and positivity. Meet Conor Crippen, who was hit by a drunken driver and lost all functionality for living. He suffered a coma for 3 weeks and woke with traumatic brain injury. The doctors gave very little hope for his survival. But it was the traumatic brain injury that empowered him to live his best life.

Today. he is here today speaking with Lily Sanders about his accident, his challenging journey, and how it affected every area of his life. Conor has a beautiful message that he wants the world to hear. Be encouraged to leave messages and questions for either Conor or myself right here on this podcast, and please share with those you feel will appreciate this conversation.

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Lily Sanders

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